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Strengthening the Economy: Helping Local Businesses Grow and Succeed

In our last blog post, we discussed how Iowa State Bank helps people in our communities afford their ideal home as part of the American Dream. This time we want to discuss how we can help with a different part of this dream: starting and owning your own business.

Local businesses are what drive the economies of the communities we serve by keeping valuable dollars within those communities. This goes a long way in enhancing the town or city and in attracting new residents and other businesses.

We welcome the chance to help out local business owners in our communities.

We welcome the chance to help out local business owners in our communities.

Iowa State Bank assists local business owners in getting their venture off the ground and helping it grow. Leiah Prall, customer, Facebook Fan and owner of the Grand Strand Salon & Spa in Burlington came to us to help her achieve her lifelong dream of owning her own business, which we are glad to report is doing well!

If you have been thinking about opening a business in or around our community, the banking experts at Iowa State Bank may be able to help you. From construction or real estate loans to loans for startup costs, operating expenses and new equipment or machinery, our experienced loan officers can help you find viable solutions for your funding needs.

By examining your business plans, financial statements and projected expenses, our loan officers can offer loans at rates that fit your situation. We can also assist small business owners by providing commercial checking and savings accounts, as well as online banking to help you stay on top of your finances 24/7 whether you’re at home or work.

As a community bank, we see ourselves as an integral part of our communities. Investing in and assisting local business owners is just one way that we work to strengthen our towns and build a more successful future.

For more in-depth information about business banking with Iowa State Bank, call any of our locations in Burlington, Wapello, Morning Sun or Mount Union.

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