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A Smooth Transition in Selling Your Home: The ISB Home Seller’s Checklist

We covered the essentials for home buyers in our last blog, but if you’re looking at selling your home, never fear! This post is just for you.selling your home

Just like buying your home, selling it also comes with a number of considerations to keep in mind. We’ll help you sort out exactly what you need to know to successfully sell your home!

Sell before you move- by keeping your furniture in the home, potential buyers can more easily picture their own furniture there. Once they start associating their belongings with your home, they are subconsciously working toward a buying decision

Clean EVERYTHING- and we mean everything; every nook every cranny, every cupboard and every closet. Buyers will look everywhere in your home, so you want everything to be as tidy as possible

Give your home history- buyers will want to know how old the home is, when the air conditioner was last updated and so on and so forth. Prepare a history, and if you notice something needs to be updated, sometimes you have…

Spend money to make money- groan all you want, but the saying holds weight. No one wants to inherit your headache, so make necessary repairs. This goes for small stuff (door knobs, cupboard handles, etc.) as well as the larger things

Don’t be a rock- being unwilling to negotiate on cost turns off many potential buyers instantly. Price your house smartly, then listen to various offers and then reason with the good ones

Know the loans- be aware of the differences in loan programs of buyers and what they mean for you. It may be their loan, but it’s your house they’re buying. Your realtor or a mortgage specialist at Iowa State Bank can help you understand the different programs

While we’re making no guarantees that following this advice will make your home sell the first day on the market, it certainly won’t hurt. And when you are looking for a mortgage for your new home, we hope you consider Iowa State Bank. Our lenders have a great track record of helping those just like yourself secure a mortgage at a low rate.

We hope to hear from your or see you in one of our locations soon!

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