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Reduce the Stress with these 5 Moving Strategies

Congratulations! You’ve found the home of your dreams, worked with the mortgage team at Iowa State Bank to get the best mortgage rate to fit your needs and you’re getting ready to move soon.

Move smarter, not harder, to reduce your stress!

Move smarter, not harder, to reduce your stress!

Now, we all know that moving is on no one’s wish list, but you have to get all of your stuff over to your new home somehow. The staff at Iowa State Bank has worked together to compile a list of “Strategic Moving Ideas” to help keep your move from turning into a horror story.

If you don’t use it, lose it- why move stuff you don’t use? Time to make a donation to Goodwill, Salvation Army or your trash can. If you haven’t worn it, used it or even seen it in over three months, it’s time for it to go.

Pack by room- try to pack everything by what room it will go into to preserve your sanity.  Another sanity-saver is to…


Label everything- and we mean everything, from boxes to plastic baggies full of screws or other small parts used to assemble items.


Save “assembly required” for last- is there anything worse than trying to assemble a bed or other large piece of furniture at 11 p.m. after you’ve been up all day moving? Whether you’re packing a truck yourself or having a moving company do it, pack assembled items last so they can be first off the truck.


Snap a photo- you remember exactly what power cord and component cables go where from hooking up your home audio system, Xbox and TV up years ago, right? Snap a photo of the plug-ins to reduce confusion later when you set it back up.


We hope these ideas will relieve at least some of the stress associated with moving. While we can’t help you move, Iowa State Bank can help you if you want to refinance down the road. Good luck to all of the movers out there, and we hope to see you soon!

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