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Customer Service Week: It’s at the Heart of All that We Do

At Iowa State Bank we consider ourselves lucky and privileged to have been serving this area of Iowa for well over 100 years. Since our beginning in 1900, our commitment to our customers has been unwavering. With this week, Oct. 7-11, being National Customer Service Week, we’ve been thinking a lot about the role customer service plays in everything we do.

Iowa State Bank works with you to find the best financial solutions to fit your exact needs

Iowa State Bank works with you to find the best financial solutions to fit your exact needs

We understand that people have a lot of choices these days when it comes to who they trust with their finances. Big, national banks are more powerful and are offering more services than they ever have before. However, if a customer has a problem, they still have to dial in to a 1-800 number to talk to someone who has no knowledge of their account besides what they see on a computer screen.

And there lies the difference. When you come into any of the four Iowa State Bank locations, you are dealing with employees that know you on a personal basis, not just as a name and account number on a computer screen.

Our employees take the time to build a relationship with you not only because they’re nice people, but because it helps us better understand your financial needs. This leads to us being able to recommend solutions that are more customized to your needs instead of “one size fits all” product or service from one of the big banks.

Most of all, we care about your financial success. If you have a problem, you dial our number or come into our location and work with familiar faces to sort things out.  You’ll never be left out on your own as a customer at Iowa State Bank.

Helping our customers succeed in their financial lives is at the heart of everything we do at Iowa State Bank. It’s relationship banking over 100 years in the making, and we intend to keep that way into the future. From all of us at Iowa State Bank, happy Customer Service Week, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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