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Archive for February, 2014

11 Essential Documents for Getting a Mortgage

If you are preparing to purchase a new home, or refinance your existing home all the lenders at Iowa State Bank strive to make the process simple and timely. One of our main goals is helping customers find a mortgage that fits their needs. To help the process along, we offer a short list of […]

Posted on: February 20th, 2014 by IAStateBkBlogger in Mortgages | Comments Off

Common Banking Questions and Answers at Iowa State Bank

While the name “Iowa State Bank” essentially tells you we are a bank, it does not tell you that we are really in the customer service business. Customers come to us for help with their banking, insurance, mortgage or other loan needs, and we provide them with the solutions that best fit their lives.   […]

Posted on: February 11th, 2014 by IAStateBkBlogger in Frequently Asked Questions | Comments Off