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Common Banking Questions and Answers at Iowa State Bank

While the name “Iowa State Bank” essentially tells you we are a bank, it does not tell you that we are really in the customer service business. Customers come to us for help with their banking, insurance, mortgage or other loan needs, and we provide them with the solutions that best fit their lives.bank-faqs


Continually improving our customer service and keeping healthy relationships with our customers is something we strive for at Iowa State Bank. It is because of this commitment to customer service that we would like to provide you with some frequently asked questions.


How do I open a checking account at Iowa State Bank? You can stop by any location during their open lobby hours. Please bring with you an unexpired identification card or drivers license and $100.00 check or cash and we can get started. The process is very simply and takes approximately 15 minutes.


I am under 18, can I open an account? Yes, but you will have to have an individual above the age of 18 on your account.


Do I have to pay a fee to have an account? We offer a large range of accounts, some with fees and some without. We do offer a “Totally Free Checking,” that has no monthly or yearly fee. You can use your debit card and write as many checks as you would like. The “Totally Free Checking” also offers 6 boxes of free checks per year!


What accounts do I have to have to use Online Banking? You can have a checking account, savings account or both to use Online Banking from Iowa State Bank. Loans, CDs, Money Market and Health Savings accounts also allow you to have online access.


Which mortgage is the best? Mortgages depend on a number of factors including your income, ability to make payments and credit history. The knowledgeable mortgage lenders at Iowa State Bank can help you determine which mortgage program best fits you.


What happens if my debit card is stolen? You should notify us immediately so we can block your debit card. We will then have you sign a form stating we have your permission to order a new debit card. This debit card will be tied to the same checking account.


What happens if my account is hacked? You should notify us immediately. Depending on how exactly your account was hacked will determine our next step. If it is found that charges on your account do not belong to you, Iowa State Bank will personally refund those charges.


What are your lobby and drive-thru hours? Each of our locations have different hours, but you can view them by going here and selecting your nearest branch.



If you have any other questions not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact the nearest Iowa State Bank office; we’d be glad to help!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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