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Save Money on Vacation: What to Save, Splurge, or Skip

Save money on vacation

Skip the souvenirs but splurge on a massage while on vacation. After all, it’s about relaxing!

As the summer months are setting in, it is time to start thinking about your next vacation. While you may be looking forward to the grand getaway, you may not be looking forward to the drop in your bank account. Here at Iowa State Bank, we want you to have a fun and financially responsible trip. Provided are a few suggestions to consider when determining what to save on, splurge on, or skip.


If traveling by air, research when and where to purchase the cheapest tickets 3-4 months in advance. Search for bundles on different sites that provide hotel and taxi services if needed. By being proactive about booking flights and other arrangements, you are sure to find the best deals.

Pack as light as possible! If you can take one carry-on bag or combine suitcases with a family member, do so. Luggage comes with extra costs and hassle that can be avoided.

Research public transportation in the area you are staying in and determine if it is better than renting a car or using a taxi.


Treat yourself to the steak, lobster, and gelato. While on vacation, it is encouraged to eat at local restaurants, find the hole in the wall hubs, and savor every last bite. Dinner on vacation is the perfect time to reflect on the day’s activities and plan the next day while enjoying a special meal with family or friends.

There is no better time for a spa treatment than while on vacation. Let go of all stress and guilt and indulge yourself in a massage, pedicure, or meditation.


Souvenirs may be tempting to purchase in the moment, however, spending money on an experience will be better worth your money. Nobody needs to go home with useless items to remember their trip. Spend your money on once in a lifetime experiences like parasailing, surfing, or mountain climbing, and be sure to take a lot of pictures!

Iowa State Bank wants you to relax and enjoy your vacation as much as possible without breaking the budget. We hope you take some of these considerations into planning your next trip and make memories to last a lifetime!

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