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Preparing to Pay Student Loans

You recently completed one of life’s highest achievements, graduating from college. Now that you are beginning this new chapter in your life at your first fulltime job, you likely have not thought about paying your student loans off yet. Although there is a six month grace period before you have to pay the loans off, […]

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Senior Financial Self-Defense

May is Older Americans Month and Iowa State Bank wants the older citizens in our community to be aware of the scams that are out there and how to be financially aware. Your best weapon against financial fraud is educating yourself about common scams. We want to help you learn about how to protect yourself […]

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Financial Tips for Graduates

May brings an exciting time with spring in full bloom and graduation season at hand. High school and college graduations mark a significant step in a young person’s life, whether they are leaving high school behind or getting ready to join the real world.   Financial responsibility is an important skill for new graduates because […]

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Working Towards Owning the Home of Your Dreams

Everyone’s idea of a perfect home is different. For some it may mean a nice two-story home surrounded by neighbors, while others prefer something outside the city limits with more room and bigger outdoor space. No matter what your definition is, there is a common factor in the home you want to purchase: the need […]

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Home Buying Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

  There are some things in life that don’t require much thought or preparation to purchase: soap, a gallon of milk or paper towels. You buy these things because you need them; they’re cheap and readily available.   On the other hand, a large purchase, like a new home, requires research and preparation. Here are […]

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Home Improvement Projects to Do This Fall

The fall weather in Iowa is ideal for spending time outside with the family for barbecues, tailgating, and hiking. Fall is also the perfect time for home improvement projects. Your home needs to be ready for the winter ahead that is just around the corner. From checking a few things off your to-do list to […]

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Money Tips for Settling into Your New Home

Buying a new home can be one of life’s most exciting adventures. However, it does come with a financial obligation and the ability to make repairs so it is move-in ready for your family. With buying a house, saving money can become more of a priority because you are taking on a long-term responsibility. You […]

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Keeping your Money Safe While Traveling

August is filled with getting the kids ready for school and warm summer vacations. Whether you are looking to be refreshed and renewed for the coming fall or the kids need a getaway, you shouldn’t have to worry about your money being safe. Traveling during the summer can mean worrying more about getting your card […]

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Four Totally Free Outdoor Workouts That Aren’t Running

                        It’s a shame to be stuck in the gym when it’s so beautiful outside. Plus, working out outside of the gym means you don’t have to pay membership fees, worry about waiting in line for equipment or wiping it down when you’re done. […]

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